Welcome to my Blog
My name is Pia Ranslet. I am a painter and sculptor.
I would like to show my Art here and at the same time make contact to people who bought pictures from me during all the years I exhibited.
It is my hope that the owners will send
photographs of the paintings they purchased, so I can get all of
the works categorized.
Some of the pictures which I upload here are for sale. I also paint portraits on commission.
Please contact for further information if You are interested.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Summer 2014

Summers almost gone
The fields  lie plowed in darkened brown purple.

Pia Ranslet
Plowed field
Oil on Paper

 I painted much this summer. 
Had to concentrate on Landscapes but the heart wanted to continue with 
the 14 portraits, that I have worked on for 2 years now. 
Some still need much work to get right.

 I make some quick self portraits in between so I wont loose the touch.

Pia Ranslet

 I try to find something new in the landscape, 
some angle that I never painted before.
The Harvest perhaps?

I sit out when  the blue night fall and paint the big machines that hurry to bring the 
harvest in house before the rains will start.
The air is thick........ it's just before the rains brake.
There is a vague smell of diesel in the air.
The evening is not quit tonight!

The sky is so heavy blue as if  the whole sea entered it
hanging over us and threatening to burst.
The harvester make so much dust, I never noticed the amount of dust before.
Opaque grey yellow in the day time  and  bluish grey in the night,
 the light is caught and reflected  in every grain,
It looks like a ghost .

Pia Ranslet
Hurry, rain will fall.
Acrylics on Canvas 2014

Pia Ranslet
The pink glow in the Foxtail grass 

Pia Ranslet

Pia Ranslet
Summers pastels

I love the period when the wheat is bluish. 
The meadows are full of foxtail grass 
and rust red-pink acid grows high above.

Pia Ranslet
Deer in my garden

Had to put up a wire, so they don't eat my rosebuds!

Pia Ranslet
Deer nest

Pia Ranslet
Blessings of an Apple tree

Pia Ranslet
Land shifts in layers

It came out pale in the Internet. The colors are much more strong .
And shadows are purple not blue on my picture! 
I guess my camera is compensating for the missing light, when it's raining outside.
Have seen before that the camera can't reproduce the real color harmony
Specially purples and reds are wrong!

Pia Ranslet
Evening glow over Vang

When it rains I drink much tea!
Weeks of rain now, seas of tea inside 

Pia Ranslet
Sipping tea...... it's still raining

Thinking of my grandmothers teacups!
They were black and pale blue- almost turquoise inside.