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My name is Pia Ranslet. I am a painter and sculptor.
I would like to show my Art here and at the same time make contact to people who bought pictures from me during all the years I exhibited.
It is my hope that the owners will send
photographs of the paintings they purchased, so I can get all of
the works categorized.
Some of the pictures which I upload here are for sale. I also paint portraits on commission.
Please contact for further information if You are interested.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sketches for a painting that I never painted.

Pia Ranslet
Sketch of  a  dying  friend .
Pencil on paper

Have so many really old sketches to pictures,
 I thought of making, but put aside again and forgot about.
Either they got too pathetic or really idiotic or too nostalgic .
 Here I got more interested in drawing the cloth than making a  good portrait.

Pia Ranslet
Study for painting of dying friend
Pencil on paper

Tried a new version from the other side.

Pia Ranslet
Sketch to
"Death of friend"

Pia Ranslet
Sketch to "Death of a friend"

Pia Ranslet
Sketch to "Death of a friend"
Then it got really ridiculous 
when it looked like he was making some kind of Egyptian dance!

I dismissed the idea of making that picture at all.

Pia Ranslet
Drawing pencil on paper with a few highlight in chalk

Tried one more time making him sit instead ,
but the scull got too small without the jawbone
And after a few more attempts  I put it all in a drawer
where it has been lying for 30 years.