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I would like to show my Art here and at the same time make contact to people who bought pictures from me during all the years I exhibited.
It is my hope that the owners will send
photographs of the paintings they purchased, so I can get all of
the works categorized.
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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Houses around the World

Long time has gone since I last posted anything. 
 I have been busy painting and not looking out for my two blogs.

I dug up under the groundwall.
Lots to repair  So the rats can't get into the house.
Had to drive 3 times to get Sand and Cement.

The last time in my families summer house was used mostly for repairs ,
gardening and visits. Not painting as much as I had planned.
The garden looked like a jungle .
If the grass is not cut every week, it can grow up to 1,30 m when left alone.
 Then the cutter can't deal with it. My oldest son helped with the lane this year.
 I  had a problem with "murder snails".
Tried soap, cutting them with a scissor , trowing boiling water on them,
but nothing helped, new kept sliding their way in.
They ate my roses and crawled in through the open windows!
The dead snails attract the living, who eat them and everything else they find.
So leaving the dead snails on the lane just invited more.
I therefor collected the living ones in a bucket and threw boiling water or salt on .
And carried the bucket with it's stinking content into the woods.
Next day there was again around 40 new snails per square meter.
Every day for two months I spend one hour morning and evening removing snails.
A whole bucket a day! A Sisyfos work !
But the ones who are clever say it the only way to fight them!

Maria Björklund my dearest friend came over.
We spend the time good.
Painting ,sewing ,reading, discussing, watching movies
Cooking Turkish and Persian food.........
Discussing our next big painting project  and
repairing our Ottoman  costumes

Pia Ranslet
Maria sewing wearing a Bedouin dress
Acrylics on canvas

Maria is a great inspiration.
Her garden in the South of Sweden is Paradise itself. 
Like a wild English garden with thousands of roses in all colors.
Maria has always been extremely generous
and of cause she dug up half her Rose garden and brought it to me.
 I hope the deer family in my garden and the winter won't finish them !

One of the daily visitors
Taken before the lane was cut with the Clipper.

Thought I'll show some of my old pictures and sketches with houses on.
The farm Bukkegaard where I lived as a teenager
 was from 1500 or 1600 according to old maps.
 We only found prof o f later times on a wooden balk in the house
that had the year 1730 cut into it.
The farm was very beautiful and kept perfect  by my parents.
Every year in the spring  it was painted!
White chalk for the walls and black tar for the ground wall
and some thin black varnish for the cross wood.
We grew a big kitchen garden with Strawberries
Currants and lots of vegetables!
And we kept one field for our horses.
The rest of the fields were rented to a neighbor Farmer.
My parents both artists had each  huge workshops
and used one barn  for exhibition of our Artworks.

I used to sit up on the tallest chimney on my father's workshop and paint the landscape
that spread out underneath towards the sea.
But I also painted our farm.

Pia Ranslet
Oil on Canvas

Too lazy to finish painting the roof tiles.

Pia Ranslet
The passage on Bukkegaard
Watercolors on paper

Pia Ranslet
Bukkegaard in spring
Watercolor on Paper

Pia Ranslet
The Passage
Sunset on Bukkegaard
Oil on Canvas

Pia Ranslet
Bukkegard in Autumn

Pia Ranslet
The passage on Bukkegaard
Watercolor on Paper

Pia Ranslet
Bukkegaard  with the Passage in the summer
Watercolor on Paper

Pia Ranslet
Bukkegaard trough the Port opening
Watercolor on handmade paper

Pia Ranslet
Farms after the rain.
Acrylics on Canvas

Pia Ranslet
Aakirkeby in the summertime
Oil on Canvas

And then to Kashmir in India

Pia Ranslet
The green balcony in Srinagar
Watercolor on Paper
And another picture in same direction painted from the balcony of my hotel
The mechanic workshop was owned by Sikhs.
They were so kind and smiling.

Pia Ranslet
Mechanic workshop in Srinagar India
Watercolor on Paper

Then a trip to Nepal
Where I and my travel companion Bjarne were invited
by the chief Budhist Katmandu  to stay
on a very remote Monastery Kagang close to the border of Tibet.
It took 6 days walking to get up there in 4000 meters height.

Pia Ranslet
The Bakang Monastery in Nepal
Watercolor on paper

Pia Ranslet
The Bakang Monastery
Watercolor on paper

Back to India

Pia Ranslet
Laundry in Rajasthan
Watercolor on Paper

And then to Jerusalem.

Pia Ranslet
The Latrun Monastery
Watercolor on Paper

Latrun is a beautiful Monastery  lying in the Hills on the way to Jerusalem.
I spent some time painting there.
It's a monastery for Trappist Monks ,we also have a monastery on Bornholm.

And from one of many trips to Florence in Italy.

Pia Ranslet
Ponte Vechio Firenze
Pencil on paper

Pia Ranslet
San Miniato
Watercolor on Paper

This beautiful Church I visited many times.I could sit alone in peace on the graveyard and paint .
It had the most marvelous view of Florence.
And was only a short walk from the Villa Belvedere ,
that back then had very nice sculptures exhibited..

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