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My name is Pia Ranslet. I am a painter and sculptor.
I would like to show my Art here and at the same time make contact to people who bought pictures from me during all the years I exhibited.
It is my hope that the owners will send
photographs of the paintings they purchased, so I can get all of
the works categorized.
Some of the pictures which I upload here are for sale. I also paint portraits on commission.
Please contact for further information if You are interested.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A new Exhibition is on it's way.

The summer is almost gone
Schools have started again
The fields are getting  yellow, some are harvested and sunsets are amazing.
My brother Paul and I worked hard and we are now ready to build up our exhibition.
It will open the 15th of August in Grønbechs Gaard in Hasle on Bornholm.
There will be  6 other exiting exhibitions at the same time.
 We do not send any Invitation cards this time.
Instead any person  who wish to visit, is  most heartfelt welcome.

After the Exhibition is opened photos of my and Paul's artworks will be
published in this blog , this way  interested people from all over the globe  can
see our latest works and have  a  chance to buy if they so wish.

Paul Ranslet og Pia Ranslet

Fernisering af syv udstillinger lørdag den 15. august på Grønbechs Gård fra 16-18.

Keramik & Grafik af Nao Oshima & Yumeno Goma.
Keramik af Nye fra ACAB.
Keramik af Pernille Stougaard
Skulptur og maleri af Pia & Paul Ranslet
Tekstil af Bente Hammer
Graffiti fra Svartingedal Skolen.
Glas og Keramik fra Det Kongelige Danske Kunstakademi.
Alle er velkomne. Introduktion af udstillingerne kl.16. Herefter en forfriskende drink.
Venlig hilsen Bornholms Center for Kunsthåndværk & Design. Grønbechs Gård. Grønbechs Gård 4. 3790 Hasle.
Centerleder Mai Therese Ørsted Andersen MFA.

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